Should You Hire a House Cleaner?

house cleaning

Cleaning the house is always on top priority as this is the place where your family nurtures and thus you want to provide them a clean and healthy surrounding.

But should you hire a house cleaner or take some time out and do it yourself? If you have debated this question then we are here to solve your dilemma.

This post will give you the checklist in two scenarios i.e., if you hire a house cleaner and if you don’t hire a house cleaner. So go through it and then see which of them have more ticks and then decide!

When can you consider hiring house cleaner?

  • If you have time crunch and busy life and want to spend your time with family or catch up few shows instead of investing it in dusting and cleaning then yes hiring a house cleaner is something which you should consider definitely.
  • If you are ready to shed out some extra bucks on house cleaning rather than saving them for future to buy something big then you may give a thought to hire a house cleaner. This is because you need to invest handsome amount to get a good and efficient team of house cleaning.
  • If you can make most of the time by not investing it in cleaning (may be you can earn more than you spend for hiring house cleaner) and the opportunity cost is high then hire a cleaner!
  • If someone in your circle has already availed the professional cleaner services and you can rely on the same service provide and don’t have to negotiate on rates.
  • If you don’t like cleaning and don’t even know how to clean then you have got no option but to hire a house cleaner!

When should you clean it yourself?

  • If you are one among them who believe in cleaning the home by your own hands and have an OCD like Monica did in Friends then hiring a house cleaner is certainly a No-No for you.
  • If you have got all equipments to clean the house then there is no need to shell out extra bucks. You can ask your kids and hubby to lend a helping hand and make one weekend a cleaning day! Invest the money that you saved in delicious dinner!
  • If the opportunity cost is low then you can do it yourself as you are just not going to do anything in that span of time. Hence it’s better to invest your time in cleaning.
  • If you have got nothing to do and want some break from your daily routine then try your hands in cleaning. Not only it is a great time pass but also a good workout and helps you in losing calories.
  • If you clean the corners of your house one by one on frequent basis then you don’t really need a professional cleaner. This is because you don’t have that much dirt in your house which requires extensive cleaning!

The ultimate decision lies in your hands!

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