Reasons Your Carpet Might Smell

bad smell

Carpets, on their own, don’t smell bad. Or rather, they shouldn’t. When a carpet has an odor, it points to the presence of something foreign inside the fibers. Because carpets come into contact with plenty of shoes and feet and other numerous items, it is not strange that over time there might be some smells emanating from your carpet. This however doesn’t make the fact that a smelly carpet is disgusting any less true.

If you have noticed that your carpet is a bit smelly, it is necessary to trace the source of the odor. This will allow you to address the symptom and the root cause as well. But remember, avoid DIY carpet cleaning (learn why here). Remember, simply masking the odor will not stop it from recurring. Here’s what is responsible for common carpet odors:


Perhaps you haven’t trained your cat or dog to pee in its designated spot. Or perhaps you have and it had a bad day and had an accident on the carpet. Either way, the smell of urine is unmistakable. When allowed to fester in a carpet, urine smells can end up being intolerable and highly uncomfortable. The best way to prevent pet urine getting into contact with your carpet is to train your pet on the proper way and place to go. In the event of an inevitable accident, clean this up immediately. The best way to clean up a urine spot is to use vinegar and water and a white cotton cloth or white paper towels to blot the urine out.


As if pet urine on your carpet is not bad enough, there’s pet poo. If your pet does a number two on your carpet, use a pet stain remover to clean this up. Then deodorize with vinegar and lastly soak with baking soda. Keep in mind that pet poo can be tracked inside the house on street shoes. You might therefore want to keep your street shoes out of the house.


While these don’t necessarily stink, when left to accumulate in the carpet fibers, they trap other allergens and eventually you have this stinky trap lurking in your carpet. Always ensure that your carpets are thoroughly deep cleaned by professionals at least once a year.


Poor cleaning of a carpet can result into odors. For instance, if a cleaning technician uses the wrong cleaning chemicals, then an odor is likely to be left behind. This also includes instances where incomplete rinsing has been done, which means the chemicals aren’t completely removed from the fibers of the carpet. A carpet that hasn’t been thoroughly dried after cleaning might also start to stink after a while, once the dampness gives way to mildew. You need to hire a carpet cleaner near you that does not use soap, chemicals or excessive moisture and residue.


This works in the same way as pollen and dust, with the addition that food rots over time. This decomposition leads to odors, on top of the rotting food attracting additional gunk which just makes the situation that much worse. Always pick up food when it falls onto the carpet, and, keep the pet bowls away from the carpets.

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