DIY Carpet Stain Cleaning

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There is no set rule on whether or not to hire a house cleaner nor is it always necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaning service for deep cleaning. There are some spots and stains on carpet that you can remove on your own with simple DIY tips and techniques.

We will share some of our tips for removing spots on carpet you can use for all types of liquid stains. This way you will only need to hire professionals for soil and bacteria built up below the surface of carpet.



The first liquid you should use to attempt to clean almost any carpet stain is water. Don’t use cleaning chemicals or even vinegar or other all-natural alternatives. Water should be your first choice in attempting to remove carpet stains.


Find a white cloth that doesn’t have color patterns or any dirt on it. The fear is the dyes from the colors on the cloth or the dirt and soil will stain the carpet further or cause worse damage.

You can use a white paper towel as well.


Do not scrub stains. You should use a firm but gentle blotting motion with your damp, white cloth. Scrubbing a stain can further push the liquid and dirt into the carpet and it will wear down the carpet fibers themselves making them less resilient.

The tendency to scrub stains is common because homeowners believe more force will remove the stain but this isn’t true.


You should start to blot on the outer part of the stain instead of the inner part of the stain. The center of the stain will contain more liquid and if you blot it the liquid will seep out from it. You would rather the liquid seep into portions of the carpet that already have a stain rather than pushing the stain further out into clean carpet.


Repeat this process once or twice until you have absorbed all of the liquid from the stain into the white cloth. You will want to switch to a new white cloth halfway through the process if it is a larger stain than normal.

More often than not, this process will remove most common carpet stains. If the stain persists, consider using a mixture of vinegar and water or if needed a store-bought cleaning product. Be careful using chemicals though as incorrect use can lead to even worse damage to carpet.

If these methods do not deliver the desired results, you will then need to consider scheduling an appointment with a local carpet cleaner to attempt to remove the stain with their professional equipment and training.

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