Reasons Your Carpet Might Smell

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Carpets, on their own, don’t smell bad. Or rather, they shouldn’t. When a carpet has an odor, it points to the presence of something foreign inside the fibers. Because carpets come into contact with plenty of shoes and feet and other numerous items, it is not strange that over time there might be some smells emanating from your carpet. This however doesn’t make the fact that a smelly carpet is disgusting any less true.

If you have noticed that your carpet is a bit smelly, it is necessary to trace the source of the odor. This will allow you to address the symptom and the root cause as well. But remember, avoid DIY carpet cleaning (learn why here). Remember, simply masking the odor will not stop it from recurring. Here’s what is responsible for common carpet odors:


Perhaps you haven’t trained your cat or dog to pee in its designated spot. Or perhaps you have and it had a bad day and had an accident on the carpet. Either way, the smell of urine is unmistakable. When allowed to fester in a carpet, urine smells can end up being intolerable and highly uncomfortable. The best way to prevent pet urine getting into contact with your carpet is to train your pet on the proper way and place to go. In the event of an inevitable accident, clean this up immediately. The best way to clean up a urine spot is to use vinegar and water and a white cotton cloth or white paper towels to blot the urine out.


As if pet urine on your carpet is not bad enough, there’s pet poo. If your pet does a number two on your carpet, use a pet stain remover to clean this up. Then deodorize with vinegar and lastly soak with baking soda. Keep in mind that pet poo can be tracked inside the house on street shoes. You might therefore want to keep your street shoes out of the house.


While these don’t necessarily stink, when left to accumulate in the carpet fibers, they trap other allergens and eventually you have this stinky trap lurking in your carpet. Always ensure that your carpets are thoroughly deep cleaned by professionals at least once a year.


Poor cleaning of a carpet can result into odors. For instance, if a cleaning technician uses the wrong cleaning chemicals, then an odor is likely to be left behind. This also includes instances where incomplete rinsing has been done, which means the chemicals aren’t completely removed from the fibers of the carpet. A carpet that hasn’t been thoroughly dried after cleaning might also start to stink after a while, once the dampness gives way to mildew. You need to hire a carpet cleaner near you that does not use soap, chemicals or excessive moisture and residue.


This works in the same way as pollen and dust, with the addition that food rots over time. This decomposition leads to odors, on top of the rotting food attracting additional gunk which just makes the situation that much worse. Always pick up food when it falls onto the carpet, and, keep the pet bowls away from the carpets.

DIY Carpet Stain Cleaning

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There is no set rule on whether or not to hire a house cleaner nor is it always necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaning service for deep cleaning. There are some spots and stains on carpet that you can remove on your own with simple DIY tips and techniques.

We will share some of our tips for removing spots on carpet you can use for all types of liquid stains. This way you will only need to hire professionals for soil and bacteria built up below the surface of carpet.



The first liquid you should use to attempt to clean almost any carpet stain is water. Don’t use cleaning chemicals or even vinegar or other all-natural alternatives. Water should be your first choice in attempting to remove carpet stains.


Find a white cloth that doesn’t have color patterns or any dirt on it. The fear is the dyes from the colors on the cloth or the dirt and soil will stain the carpet further or cause worse damage.

You can use a white paper towel as well.


Do not scrub stains. You should use a firm but gentle blotting motion with your damp, white cloth. Scrubbing a stain can further push the liquid and dirt into the carpet and it will wear down the carpet fibers themselves making them less resilient.

The tendency to scrub stains is common because homeowners believe more force will remove the stain but this isn’t true.


You should start to blot on the outer part of the stain instead of the inner part of the stain. The center of the stain will contain more liquid and if you blot it the liquid will seep out from it. You would rather the liquid seep into portions of the carpet that already have a stain rather than pushing the stain further out into clean carpet.


Repeat this process once or twice until you have absorbed all of the liquid from the stain into the white cloth. You will want to switch to a new white cloth halfway through the process if it is a larger stain than normal.

More often than not, this process will remove most common carpet stains. If the stain persists, consider using a mixture of vinegar and water or if needed a store-bought cleaning product. Be careful using chemicals though as incorrect use can lead to even worse damage to carpet.

If these methods do not deliver the desired results, you will then need to consider scheduling an appointment with a local carpet cleaner to attempt to remove the stain with their professional equipment and training.

Benefits of Polyester Carpet

Home designing is a complicated task, one needs to take serious decisions at every next step. It can be about the selection of materials, colors, finishing styles and carpeting as well. Most of the homeowners these days prefer to hire professional contractors to complete their home designing task.

If you are also struggling with home interiors these days and are not able to decide which type of carpeting material will be good for you then it is good to follow professional guidelines. Although you may find so many materials on the market for carpet installation they have unique pros and cons. Most of the people choose nylon material for carpeting nut another great choice for homeowners is polyester.

Here we are going to talk about benefits of installing polyester carpets. Probably, this information will help you to choose your carpet material with ease.

  • The green concept:

One of the biggest benefits of using polyester carpets at home is that it leads the green story. Professionals reveal that most of these carpets are made up of recycled bottles. It helps to convert unlimited bottles from landfills into useful carpet fiber and these products can be used for years ahead.

  • Never-fade:

Most of the homeowners complain that their carpets keep on fading with use. Commonly, areas that face direct sunlight get faded fast as harmful sun rays cause damage to the molecular structures of fiber. In order to stay away from this trouble, you can choose polyester fibers because they are least affected by sunlight. These carpet fabrics have strong color bonding and they help users to take services for years without even making efforts for special maintenance.

  • Stain-resistant:

The polyester fibers are highly stained resistant so if you have kids and pets at home then these carpets can serve you better for years. The household spills can be easily cleaned using simple DIY procedures. Even oily stains can be removed with ease.  It helps to save the cost of maintenance as well.

  • Budget-friendly:

Polyester carpets are a cost-effective solution for homeowners as compared to nylon carpets. It is well understood that building a new home is a big investment so if you want to save some money on your project then it is good to install polyester carpets at home.

  • Variety of styles:

The polyester carpets are available in a variety of styles so buyers can make easy customization for new installations. You can choose them in different appearances and unique color collections to add a different look to your home.

  • Add attractive touch:

When you want to improve quality of your home décor even without creating a burden on your pocket then it is good to choose polyester carpets for your home. They add an attractive touch to your home.

With all such benefits, polyester carpets are a great choice for all homeowners. They are more useful for people who have kids and pets at home. It is really a great choice for saving money in your home designing project.

Should You Hire a House Cleaner?

house cleaning

Cleaning the house is always on top priority as this is the place where your family nurtures and thus you want to provide them a clean and healthy surrounding.

But should you hire a house cleaner or take some time out and do it yourself? If you have debated this question then we are here to solve your dilemma.

This post will give you the checklist in two scenarios i.e., if you hire a house cleaner and if you don’t hire a house cleaner. So go through it and then see which of them have more ticks and then decide!

When can you consider hiring house cleaner?

  • If you have time crunch and busy life and want to spend your time with family or catch up few shows instead of investing it in dusting and cleaning then yes hiring a house cleaner is something which you should consider definitely.
  • If you are ready to shed out some extra bucks on house cleaning rather than saving them for future to buy something big then you may give a thought to hire a house cleaner. This is because you need to invest handsome amount to get a good and efficient team of house cleaning.
  • If you can make most of the time by not investing it in cleaning (may be you can earn more than you spend for hiring house cleaner) and the opportunity cost is high then hire a cleaner!
  • If someone in your circle has already availed the professional cleaner services and you can rely on the same service provide and don’t have to negotiate on rates.
  • If you don’t like cleaning and don’t even know how to clean then you have got no option but to hire a house cleaner!

When should you clean it yourself?

  • If you are one among them who believe in cleaning the home by your own hands and have an OCD like Monica did in Friends then hiring a house cleaner is certainly a No-No for you.
  • If you have got all equipments to clean the house then there is no need to shell out extra bucks. You can ask your kids and hubby to lend a helping hand and make one weekend a cleaning day! Invest the money that you saved in delicious dinner!
  • If the opportunity cost is low then you can do it yourself as you are just not going to do anything in that span of time. Hence it’s better to invest your time in cleaning.
  • If you have got nothing to do and want some break from your daily routine then try your hands in cleaning. Not only it is a great time pass but also a good workout and helps you in losing calories.
  • If you clean the corners of your house one by one on frequent basis then you don’t really need a professional cleaner. This is because you don’t have that much dirt in your house which requires extensive cleaning!

The ultimate decision lies in your hands!